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beat on the brats..
Chris Vs. Crystal


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Okay, this is an amazing story about how Chris Robinson became a homo. Now mind you, he wasnt always a homo, but geez things changed quickly once he got a piece of some space cake. So one day everyone was just sittin around and Chris was like, im gonna go listen to some gay ass music and he did, BUT THEN!!!!!!!!! A spaceship came out of the sky and zapped him into it! The aliens gave him some space cake to eat, then probed him numerous times, after a while he decided he liked it, and the aliens let him go, after all, Chris liking the probing defeated the purpose of it, so he was sent back to earth. Now back on earth, chris is a raging closet homo who wants to bang Axl Rose and get VD.



Crystal is a liar and everything she says is not true because it's a lie and she's stupid too so she is definately wrong. Oh yeah she's gay too loves the carpet... and that's all I have to say on that topic.

-Chris Robinson

Chris Crystal

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those two..........................................