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Shit that sucks:

You know what I hate? Shit that sucks. For example, companies that use animals for advertising. I'm sure that in that Telus commercial with the monkies using the cell phones, that those monkies had no choice whether they were going to do this commercial or not. People are gonna see this and be like "Ohhh! monkeys are cool! I'm gonna buy this phone!". This commercial as destroyed monkeys as far as I'm concerned. Well, I now have news for you who are influenced by this commercial: fuck the monkies, the monkeys fuckin suck.

Also, why are there so many of these reality TV shows these days? Everyone seems to be asking this same question. I'll tell you why, it's because these shows are out to feed the average American with useless shit. Now if you're wondering why the average American watches this, it's because the average American is a fucking moron. They are either trailer park trash which loves to watch other people's problems instead of their own, or they are these god damn AOL "I love America" saps who are still grieving about the World Trade Center. Sure it was a tragedy but get over it!

well I'm glad to have gotten that out of my system, stay tuned for more

i drew this picture when i was drunk

He can kinda play guitar too..