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Its 3:45 AM and all I can think about is how much I hate Creed. I dont understand why everyone thinks this band is so fucking amazing. The singer is a knob and he makes my friends and I want to pull each others hair out, one by one. It beats hearing that nauseating voice any day of the week. The guys just ripping of Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, another band I think sucks, and they were just riding on the coattails of Nirvana in the first place. Every Creed song is alike and the same goes for the videos. How many times can you put meteorological shit such as rain (x7) in a video? I read all these articles about how Creed is God Rock and how Creed has changed my life., but their music is so incredibly depressing. I dont see how the music is positive at all and the band always looks terribly sad, even when singing about being happy. Whats with all the fist clenching? Are you trying to be like the Backstreet Boys, buddy? Either that, or youre constipated. Here Scott, have a laxative. Creed is evil music for asshole jocks and is beginning to take over the radio. We smart kids have no choice on the hour-long bus ride home to Tantallon but to hear terrible, terrible Creed music because of idiots in the back of the bus that claim Scott Stapp is god and his music is the most amazing thing since The Clash (except they have no sweet clue who the hell that is). Is the driver going to listen when the freaks at the front of the bus say they do not want to listen to Creed, or politely ask for the station to be changed? Will she listen to the smelly kid with the guitar/skateboard? Will she listen to the cackelly-type long-haired guys? No. Mrs. Bus Driver will listen to these almighty racist (which doesnt make since if Creed is so positive and you love them so much.), buff, jock 21 year-olds who are in their 5th year of high school, because she is terrified of them to the maximum because they might rape her or worse. Creed is a joke. Im done, and I hate you. Six feet ISNT so far down. Go listen to something decent.

Creed is the worst band ever