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A very true story

this is the only known picture of WiggleCuff

one day i was walking to a friends house, and i ran into my old schoolyard chum mr t. mr t was just walkin around selling imported seashells pitying the fool who didnt buy them. i asked him if he wanted to come for a walk, he dropped his shells and we started off again. mr t and i caught up on old times, he told me he was on some tv show and he was famous, i didnt believe him but hes always making stuff up.( he tells me i can save myself like 50% on long distance, what an ass). we were so caught up in our stories that we missed a turn and ended up on arrabiderchi road. we couldnt figure out where we were so we tried for a shortcut through the woods. then my old pal bill murray yelled at us to stop, that bill, hasnt been the same since ghostbusters 3, he still wears that damm backpack and he dosent even shower. so me, mr t and bill murray wandered about the woods like a desk on a scrabble. suddenly we heard a chirping, we all became a little scared and i think bill murray peed his pants a little bit. then we saw the most horrendous thing wed ever laid eyes on..... it was the legendary monster wigglecuff!!! wiggle cuff, for you unintellegent readers is the hairy, box like monster with black michael jackson growing from its neck. it is very hostile and has been known to rough up squirells and other small game on occasion, so me and t and bill took no chances. bill threw his aging ghostbuster backpack at wigglecuff and mr t ran like a little girl, hes really not all tough. i ran straight for it and punched the heads off its shoulders, it was now dead. then me and bill found mr t and we got out of there.....

to this day they say you can hear a shrill screech everytime you play a michael jackson record, that is wigglecuff, trying to steal your SOULLLLLL!!!

-jacob hiltz.