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ok, this is about why you should buy good things. look around the room your in, i bet theres a good pile of things from some third world labour market sitting there. sure you probably think that its good but ask yourself this, where is my money going? just because that 5000$ guitar says jackson on it or the playstation says sony DOES NOT MEAN IT IS AMERICAN MADE. i say american made because we (canada) simply arent as big as our southern neighbours. the money you spend does not go to that companys office in california or new york, it goes straight to japan or whatever country you please. that money will circulate in that countries economy and WILL NOT come back to us, this means that we lose our own money and our debts rack up as we dumo our money into the foreign economy. if you look at all the big collectors items out there suck as american made fender guitars and american made harley davidson motorcycles you see that their all american, as we want to have these well built rare products. picture in 10 or 20 years your children going to an auction to pick up that hot vintage pokemon card or checking out a vuntage guitar shop for a nice aged yamaha guitar, that adds even more value to the foreign market through forgeries, which are out there. when your parents worked as kids they worked for small family owned businesses that put profit into the home economy. now most kids my age work as a slave for some big corporation flipping burgers or selling low end dreck from a huge chain store. these stores are almost all foreign owned and put little value into our economy. ive actually started lookin for small family owned diners when i go eat, i know my money means little to some big corporation but my money can help a family owned buisness. so go out and spend your money on something nice and locally owned, it might me tough but in the long run every little bit counts. and there are a lot of big stores that are canadian owned and who will help our economy.

-jacob hiltz

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