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this page might sound very insulting but its the damm truth.

ok, im going to tell you why you suck, if you are a female and dont fit into any of these categoreys call me and i love you. ok, i hate the kids who wear the clothes all the other kids wear, american eagle is a perfect example, why is american eagle so cool? if you can tell me 5 reasons why i should buy the shirt that says "aces garage - since 1977" i WILL give you 50 canadian dollars. please tell me! maybe im not "cool" enough to figure it out, oh well. then theres those god damm gap kids, their retarded and i wont even begin to say why, ok, i will ask you how the "they call me mellow yellow" has ANYTHING to do with selling overpriced sweatshop clothes. once again tell me, im just not cool enough to figure it out! so back to the point, if you wear a lot of american eagle or gap clothes i automatically hate you. now, lets get to the kids who think they are exempt, im talkin about the skater kids. YOU ARE NOT a skater kid just because you skateboard!!!!! for fucks sake. no matter how many circa shirts and dc shoes you own your still not a true skater. sure you can say "what the hell does jacob hiltz know about skateboarding?" the answer is nothing, im just sick of some people shopping at west 49 and deciding to learn to ollie just to get the hot chick with the jimi hendrix sweater and the bright red hair, she knows yer an idiot. if you do not fit into any of these categories congrats, your probably cooler that the average cat. but you still not exempt from my hatred, just because you rock the "avril" look your not an alternative cat. the true alternative kids are the ones who dont even try to impress the american eagles, their not the kids who find the farthest reaches of the school and sit and bitch about how jocky mckjockerson keeps stealing their math book or fucking their mom or whatever. you are hated if you are a nerd, i know this sounds very gap but if you wear nerdy clothes and walk like yer on a treadmill people wont find the good in you, im not saying go eagle but at least try to look respectable. i hate the 05 fubu kids (and all related brands), they are the most ridiculous people in the whole bunch. think how dumb that 200 dollar baby blue sweat suit would look if it didnt have that big exco logo, now you feel like an ass eh? and those fuckin punk kids! jesus h, listening to gg allin and the dayglo abortions is cool believe me, but when i chill dont rip me up for wearing normal clothes and not sniffing glue. if you are from a certain area and you only associate with that area, yer an idiot, and thats why yer kids are so damm ugly. i know you fit into one of these categories,thats why i hate you. if not, call me and we'll get married.

-jacob hiltz

Im not a bad person, and i really dont hate anyone, but this is cool.